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Sports Round Table 1100am Show #94
June 13, 2018 HM3inc
What a night.... Sports Round Table came with some great energy and we had plenty to talk about. QOD: Do you think Golden State is a Dynasty Team Right now. We will prove that they are. we talk Julio and money breakdown and why he wants more money. Jay Smoove talked Terrell Owens and why h'es not mad about him deciding not to go to HOF Ceremony and yeah that Kobe Bryant and his advise....Right message wrong messenger per Hancock!!!! G-Money allow the listener to hear Lonzo Ball Diss Track in his Buy or Sale Segment. Our Round Table discussion we talked building a Super Team to beat Golden State. In our LifeStyle Segment.... I Hate it When..... I went in again on Nick Wright you don't wanna miss this. thanks again for supporting Sports Round Table with SRT Crew!!!
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