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Sports Round Table 1100 am Show #86
April 18, 2018 HM3inc
WOW !!!!! what a show full of Sports Entertainment. The SRT Crew had a blast dropping Sports Knowledge along with our Sports Humor. Tonight we broke down each NBA Playoff Series and a couple of Playoff teams will be looking to break up in the offseason. We did our 2nd annual SRT NBA Awards called the Tennies. As we Voted Harden as MVP and Quinn Snyder as COY please go to see who else we picked. We picked our favorite NFL undrafted player, and I selected Warren Moon. this was inspired by the retirement of James Harrison. Lastly, we had one of our best Segments "Gettin it off your Chest" you don't wanna miss that. To listen to our Podcast go to and select Podcast, also follow us on social Media @srtradio Thanks for your support. #weknowsports
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