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Sports Round Table 1100 am Show #84
April 04, 2018 HM3inc
Thanks for tunning into another great Episode for Sports Round Table. Tonight with D-will and Hancock on Vacation, H.O. J-Smoove and G-Money held it down for the SRT Tenants. Tonight in Hott News we talked Notre Dame, Villanova winning Championship, along with would Bryce Harper get $400 million. Houston and Harden still top dawg in our NBA Power 5 for Teams and MVP race. In our other news, we talked Saban vs Bron and the Braves leading league in Batting. In other Baseball News, Shohei Ohtani hit his 2nd HR in as many games. The Dual Threat Pitcher/DH is doing something amazing so far. Question what if Ohtani wins 15 games as a pitcher, hits 20 Hr and 80 RBI's as DH would he be sure-fire MVP? We did talk #NFLDraft as well as some great #NBATalk. Lastly, we told you how to fix Hawks. Please make sure you listen to Podcast and comment. See you next week. #SRTCrew #WeKnowSports #
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