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Sports Round Table 1100 am Show #82
March 21, 2018 HM3inc
Thanks again for another great episode.Sports Round Table with SRT Crew had another great show. The 6th Man filled in tonight as D-Will was on Vacation. Tonight We Talked Penny coming Home, J-Smoove and Hancock were smiling all night Talking about how Penny will revitalize the M-Town.We also talked AAF the new Football league in our Hott News. Our NBA Power 5 was Hott with Houston continues to claim the #1 spot as Harden goes for 42 against Portland to maintain his #1 Rank MVP Candidacy. In our Other Local News, we talked UGA and how Justin Fields and Fromm can or will be used, as well as the Pressure of coming off Championship game.The Round Table Discussion was all #MarchMadness and #NBA Talk please make sure to tune into our Podcast to listen to this show on Iheart, Itunes, google play Music and anywhere you can find Podcast. awesome show and continue to follow us on social media @srtradio
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