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Sports Round Table 1100 am Show #76
February 08, 2018 Kurt Taylor "Hard work is undefeated"
Thanks for listening to another great episode from Sports Round Table and SRT Crew. Tonight we had Special Guest Kurt Taylor CEO of the LifeStyle Slogan "Hard work is Undefeated" The exclusive interview took place in the second hour of the show. We also talked Hott news, Did Nick Foles make some money, and G-Money Graded the Halftime show by JT. Our Round Table Discussion, we talked #NBA #CFB how UGA is on FIRE with recruiting and we Reviewed the Super Bowl. Rusell Wilson got Traded to Yankees (double take). Please make sure you check out the interview with Kurt Taylor an hour and 15 min into the show and support the Hard work is undefeated Movement. Go to for Podcast and Follow SRT on Social Media @srtradio. See ya next week. #srtradio #weknowsports #srtcrew #hardworkisundefeated
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