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Sports Round Table 1100 am Show #73
January 11, 2018 HM3inc
Great Show tonight as we broke down the Championship game all the way down. Great game really showed the world how SEC Football is played. We had Hott News as G-Money states how does Nagy get a job only after 6 games as OC. In our continued Championship talk Hancock lends advice to the Bulldogs Faithful.... Kirby, get and recruit DEPTH!!!! The Falcohlic DW called in and gave us a great #FalconsReport and predicts the Falcons will win this weekend. Lastly, we broke Down NFL Playoffs and said Jags are wasting the best Defense with subpar QB play. check out the Podcast on follow us on Social Media @srtradio youtube @srtsportstalkradio #weknowsports #srtcrew
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